Why Do Narcissists Ignore Texts

Do you find yourself constantly checking your phone, waiting for a response from a narcissistic friend or partner, only to be met with silence? It can be incredibly frustrating and confusing when they blatantly ignore your texts. But have you ever wondered why do narcissists ignore texts?

This article will explore the reasons behind their tendency to ignore texts and shed light on the underlying motivations that drive their actions. Understanding this behavior can help you navigate your relationships with narcissists more effectively and protect your own emotional well-being.

Why Do Narcissists Ignore Texts

Reasons why narcissists ignore texts

Communication is an essential aspect of any relationship, whether it’s with friends, family, romantic partners, or colleagues. However, when dealing with a narcissist, you may find that your text messages are routinely ignored.

This can be frustrating and hurtful, leaving you wondering why they choose to ignore you. While every narcissist is unique, there are several common reasons why they may exhibit this behavior. The following are some possible explanations for why narcissists ignore texts:

Lack of empathy

Narcissists often lack the ability to understand or relate to the emotions of others. Their focus is primarily on themselves and their own needs, disregarding the feelings and concerns of those around them.

When it comes to text messages, narcissists may dismiss them because they simply don’t have the capacity to empathize with your emotions or recognize the importance of your messages. Consequently, they prioritize their own self-interest over acknowledging your feelings.

Desire for control

Control is a fundamental aspect of a narcissist’s personality. They need to feel powerful and dominant in their relationships, no matter how significant or insignificant. Ignoring texts allows them to exert control by manipulating the communication dynamics.

By being non-responsive, they keep you guessing, unsure of their thoughts or intentions. It becomes a power play, where they hold all the cards and can test your loyalty and obedience.

Why Do Narcissists Ignore Texts

Seeking attention and validation

Narcissists thrive on attention and validation from others, as it feeds their craving for self-importance. They may ignore your texts to evoke a reaction or seek attention.

By deliberately withholding communication, they make you doubt yourself and your worthiness of their attention. This tactic not only reinforces their own inflated ego but also adds to their sense of power and superiority.


Triangulation is a manipulative tactic commonly employed by narcissists to create jealousy or competition among their victims. By ignoring your texts and focusing their attention on someone else, they cause you to question your value and desirability.

This mind game sets the stage for emotional manipulation as they manipulate your emotions and relationships for their personal gain, keeping you off-balance and under their control.

Discard phase

During the discard phase of a narcissistic relationship, the narcissist devalues and rejects their partner. Ignoring texts becomes a means of further devaluation by demonstrating their lack of interest and dismissing your attempts to communicate.

It is their way of asserting their dominance and superiority, signaling that they have moved on to new sources of narcissistic supply.

Lack of interest

Narcissists are known for their shifting interests and short attention spans. As a result, they may quickly lose interest in conversations or relationships, including responding to your messages.

They may find your texts uninteresting or boring, prompting them to prioritize other activities or individuals they find more compelling. Their disinterest is not a reflection of your worth, but rather a manifestation of their self-centered nature.

Power play

The act of ignoring texts allows narcissists to exert power and control over others’ emotions. By remaining silent, they create a sense of uncertainty and anxiety in you.

They revel in knowing that they have the ability to affect your emotions and leave you waiting for a response. This power play reinforces their sense of superiority and helps them maintain the upper hand in the relationship.

Sustaining an inflated image

Narcissists have a grandiose perception of themselves and are driven by the need to protect and sustain this image. They avoid responding to texts that challenge their self-image or criticize their superiority.

Ignoring such messages allows them to maintain their carefully crafted fa├žade of perfection and invulnerability. By disregarding any messages that threaten their ego, they can continue to uphold their inflated self-perception.

Manipulative tactics

Manipulation is a cornerstone of a narcissist’s repertoire. Ignoring texts can be a way for them to manipulate and control your emotions. By ignoring your messages, they hope to elicit a response from you, whether it be anger, frustration, or desperation.

They derive pleasure from knowing they can manipulate your emotions and keep you on an emotional rollercoaster.

Punishment or revenge

Narcissists have a tendency to hold grudges and perceive even minor perceived wrongs as significant offenses. Ignoring texts can be a form of punishment or revenge for these perceived wrongs.

By disregarding or dismissing your messages, they inflict emotional pain and assert their superiority over you. It is their way of exerting control and ensuring that their needs and wants take precedence over yours.


There are several reasons why narcissists ignore texts. From their lack of empathy and desire for control to seeking attention and validation, their behavior is rooted in their self-centered nature and manipulative tactics.

Understanding these reasons can help you navigate your interactions with narcissists and, if needed, set boundaries to protect your own emotional well-being. Remember, it’s not your fault that they choose to ignore your texts, and you deserve to be treated with respect and consideration.

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