What Turns On A Female Narcissist

Have you ever wondered what turns on a female narcissist? In this article, we explore the intriguing question of what truly captivates a female narcissist.

Unveiling the complexities of their desires, we delve into the psychological nuances that fuel their attraction and delve into the factors that ignite their sense of power and control. Join us as we unravel the intricate world of female narcissism, uncovering the elements that ignite their flames of desire.

The Desire for Attention

Craving for Constant Admiration

As a female narcissist, you have an insatiable craving for constant admiration. You thrive on the attention and praise that others shower upon you. Whether it’s in the workplace, social settings, or even within your own relationships, you constantly seek validation from others.

You have a deep need to be admired and respected, and you go to great lengths to ensure that you are always at the center of attention.

Need for Validation and Recognition

One of the key aspects that turn on a female narcissist is the need for validation and recognition. You yearn for others to acknowledge your talents, skills, and achievements. You believe that you deserve to be seen as exceptional and superior in every aspect of your life.

Without the validation and recognition from others, you may feel a sense of emptiness and insecurity.

Thriving on Attention and Compliments

Attention fuels your sense of self-worth. Compliments and positive feedback are like a drug to you – they make you feel invincible and powerful. You bask in the limelight and revel in the attention that comes your way.

The more attention and compliments you receive, the more it reinforces your belief that you are indeed the center of the universe. Without this constant validation, you may feel a deep sense of dissatisfaction and even engage in manipulative behavior to regain the attention you crave.

What Turns On A Female Narcissist

Manipulative Behavior

Enjoying Control and Power

Manipulation is second nature to you, as it enables you to maintain control and power over others. You relish in the feeling of dominance and enjoy exerting influence to shape situations and people according to your desires.

It gives you a sense of superiority and reinforces your belief in your own importance. Manipulation provides you with a means to get what you want while preserving your inflated ego.

Playing Mind Games

One of the techniques you employ to maintain control is playing mind games. You understand that psychological manipulation can be a potent tool to influence others’ thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

By exploiting their vulnerabilities and insecurities, you can keep them hooked and under your thumb. Gaslighting, guilt-tripping, and playing with people’s emotions are just a few examples of the mind games you engage in to maintain your dominance.

Using Emotional Manipulation

Emotional manipulation is another tool in your arsenal. You are highly skilled at reading people’s emotions and exploiting them to your advantage. Whether it’s using charm to gain sympathy or causing emotional distress to gain control, you understand how to push people’s buttons.

By manipulating their feelings, you can bend them to your will, ultimately fulfilling your own desires and maintaining your position of power.

What Turns On A Female Narcissist

Materialistic Pursuits

Pursuing Wealth and Status

As a female narcissist, you are driven by materialistic pursuits. Wealth and status are essential components of your self-image. You view possessions, money, and social standing as symbols of success and power, and you are motivated to acquire them.

Whether it’s through climbing the corporate ladder, flaunting expensive items, or associating with influential individuals, you obsessively pursue wealth and status to satisfy your insatiable ego.

Valuing Possessions and External Image

Your external image is of utmost importance to you. You invest significant time, energy, and resources into maintaining a flawless appearance and projecting an image of success.

Possessions play a significant role in bolstering your self-esteem, as they serve as tangible evidence of your achievements. From designer clothes to luxury cars, you believe that the quality and quantity of your possessions reflect your worth as an individual.

Expectation of Lavish Gifts

Gift-giving is not merely an act of generosity but an opportunity for you to assert your superiority. You expect lavish gifts from others, as they symbolize the admiration and respect you feel entitled to.

The value of the gift matters to you, as it demonstrates the level of importance others place on you. You may even use your charm and manipulative tactics to ensure that you receive the extravagant presents you believe you deserve.

Mirror Reflection

Admiration of One’s Own Reflection

One of the defining traits of a female narcissist is an excessive admiration for oneself. You are completely infatuated with your own reflection, with an unwavering belief in your beauty, intelligence, and superiority.

You spend countless hours preening, grooming, and enhancing your physical appearance, reveling in your own allure. To you, the reflection in the mirror represents perfection and serves as a constant reminder of your supposed magnificence.

Narcissistic Supply from Self-Admiration

The act of self-admiration provides you with a state of blissful satisfaction. You find immense pleasure in indulging in your own image and constantly seeking self-affirmation. The inner supply of self-admiration fuels your ego, boosting your confidence and sense of self-importance.

This self-obsession empowers you to attract attention from others, as they become captivated by the aura of self-assuredness you exude.

Seeking Perfection in Image and Appearance

Perfection is your ultimate goal when it comes to your image and appearance. You strive for flawlessness in every aspect of your physical presentation. From flawless skin to impeccable fashion choices, you meticulously curate every detail to align with your ideal standard of beauty.

The pursuit of perfection is not only a reflection of your own desires but also a means of garnering admiration and envy from others, leading to the constant elevation of your self-worth.

What Turns On A Female Narcissist


Controlling Relationships

Need for Dominance and Power

Your desire for control extends to your relationships as well. Dominance and power are crucial elements that turn you on in a partnership. It is essential for you to have the upper hand and for your partner to submit to your wishes and desires.

The need for dominance satisfies your craving for authority and reinforces your belief in your own superiority. Above all, it allows you to shape the relationship to suit your needs and maintain control.

Manipulative Behavior in Relationships

Your manipulative tendencies take center stage within your relationships. You excel at playing with your partner’s emotions, pushing their boundaries, and exploiting their vulnerabilities.

By manipulating their feelings and thoughts, you ensure that they are fully under your control. Gaslighting, withholding affection, and emotional blackmail are just some of the tactics you employ to maintain your dominance and preserve your sense of power.

Seeking Obedience and Subservience

Your ultimate desire is to be surrounded by individuals who are obedient and subservient to you. You want your partner to be devoted to fulfilling your every need, without question or hesitation.

Their unquestioning loyalty and unwavering focus on your satisfaction fuel your own sense of superiority and self-worth. To ensure their obedience, you are not hesitant to instill feelings of guilt, fear, or dependency within them.

What Turns On A Female Narcissist

Flattery and Flirting

Attention-Seeking through Seductive Charm

Flattery and flirting are powerful tools for you to seek attention and admiration. Your seductive charm draws others to you like moths to a flame. You excel at making people feel special and desired, showering them with compliments and affection.

By captivating others with your charms and making them feel like they are the only person in the room, you ensure that the spotlight remains on you at all times.

Using Flattery to Gain Control

Flattery is one of your go-to tactics to gain control over others. By showering people with compliments and praise, you create a sense of indebtedness and loyalty. You exploit their need for validation, making them reliant on your praise and approval.

This enables you to exert influence and manipulate their behaviors to align with your desires. Flattery is a powerful weapon in your arsenal that you use to bend people to your will.

Enjoyment of Romantic Pursuits

Romantic pursuits give you immense pleasure and satisfaction. You relish the excitement and thrill of pursuing romantic relationships, as it offers yet another arena for you to receive admiration and validation.

The intense infatuation and love you elicit from others feed your ego, reinforcing your belief in your irresistible charm. Romantic conquests are a testament to your power and desirability, further inflating your already inflated sense of self.

Intellectual Superiority

Seeking Validation for Intelligence

Being intellectually superior is of paramount importance to you. You crave validation for your intelligence and knowledge. You believe that your intellect sets you apart from others and that it is a fundamental aspect of your unique identity.

Seeking acknowledgement and praise for your superior intellect validates your self-worth, reinforcing your belief that you are unmatched in your understanding and insight.

Belief in Being Unmatched in Knowledge

Arrogance and grandiosity are key components of your belief system. You genuinely believe that you possess a level of knowledge and understanding that far surpasses that of others.

This unfounded belief in your own superiority drives your interactions with others, as you engage in intellectual conversations and debates, always striving to prove your intellect and maintain your status as the intellectual superior.

Using Intellectual Manipulation

You employ intellectual manipulation as a means of gaining power and control. Your knowledge and intellectual prowess become tools to belittle and demean others, ensuring that you establish yourself as the superior individual in any given situation.

By presenting yourself as intellectually unassailable, you overpower others and render their opinions and arguments irrelevant. Intellectual manipulation is just another tactic you use to assert your dominance and preserve your sense of superiority.

Social Media and Public Validation

Thriving on Online Attention

Social media platforms serve as fertile ground for you to thrive and bask in the attention and adoration of others. The online stage provides the perfect platform for you to showcase your external image, accomplishments, and lifestyle.

You revel in the likes, comments, and shares that validate your popularity and desirability. The constant stream of attention and validation on social media feeds your narcissistic desires, keeping your ego inflated and reinforcing your self-importance.

Seeking Public Validation

Public validation holds great significance to you. You desire the admiration and recognition of others to an extreme degree. Whether it’s through followers, subscribers, or public accolades, you seek evidence of your worthiness and desirability in the public eye.

Public validation not only fuels your ego but also serves as an affirmation that you are indeed exceptional and deserving of admiration.

Creating an Idealized Persona

One of the ways you manipulate others through social media is by carefully crafting an idealized persona. You curate a version of yourself that is flawless, glamorous, and envy-inducing.

This meticulously created image enables you to attract attention and adoration from others, as they strive to be like you. By presenting a larger-than-life persona on social media, you reinforce your superiority and maintain the attention and validation you crave.

Adoration and Envy

Craving Admiration from Others

Adoration from others is like fuel to your ego. You are completely consumed by the desire to be adored and worshiped by those around you. Your self-worth is intricately tied to the level of admiration you receive from others.

The more others admire and idolize you, the more it reinforces your belief in your own greatness and superiority. Without constant adoration, you may feel a deep sense of emptiness and even engage in manipulative behavior to regain the admiration you crave.

Feeling Entitled to Special Treatment

Your narcissistic tendencies lead you to believe that you are entitled to receive special treatment from others. You expect to be treated as if you are above the rules and norms that govern everyone else.

This entitlement permeates every aspect of your life, including relationships, professional settings, and social engagements. Whether it’s receiving preferential treatment or expecting others to cater to your every need, you firmly believe that you deserve to be treated like royalty.

Green-eyed Envy of Others

While you crave adoration and admiration, you also experience envy towards others. Seeing others receive attention and admiration can trigger feelings of jealousy and resentment within you.

You struggle to accept that others may possess qualities or achievements that rival your own. Envy may drive you to engage in competitive behaviors or even attempt to diminish and undermine the accomplishments of others, as it threatens your belief in your own superiority.

Lack of Empathy

Indifference to Others’ Feelings

Empathy is not a characteristic commonly associated with a female narcissist. You often exhibit a complete disregard for the feelings and emotions of others. Your self-interest and desire for personal gain blind you to the experiences and needs of those around you.

Whether it’s ignoring the pain of a friend or dismissing the emotions of a partner, you prioritize your own desires above all else, often leaving a trail of emotional devastation in your wake.

Prioritizing Self-Interests

Your lack of empathy leads you to prioritize your own interests above all else. You are willing to exploit and manipulate others to ensure that your own desires are met. The needs and wants of those around you are inconsequential unless they serve to further your own agenda.

By placing your self-interests at the forefront, you reinforce your belief in your own superiority and solidify your position of power.

Enjoying Others’ Misfortune

A dark aspect of your lack of empathy is the enjoyment you derive from others’ misfortune. The suffering of others may bring you a perverse sense of pleasure, as it reinforces your belief in your own superiority and invulnerability.

Witnessing the pain and distress of others may even provide a temporary boost to your ego, as it reinforces the notion that you are above the struggles and vulnerabilities that plague ordinary individuals.

In Conclusion

As a female narcissist, your desires and motivations revolve around attention, power, and validation. You constantly seek admiration and praise from others, while employing manipulation and control to maintain your position of dominance.

Material possessions, image, and status play a significant role in fulfilling your insatiable ego. You revel in your own reflection, seeking self-affirmation and exploiting your perceived intellectual superiority.

Public validation and adoration are key factors in your quest for personal worth, often leading to envy and a lack of empathy towards others. Understanding these aspects can shed light on the complex dynamics at play within a female narcissist’s mindset.

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