How Does A Narcissist Treat A Woman

Imagine being in a relationship with a narcissist, where everything revolves around them. In this article, we explore the intricate ways of, how does a narcissist treat a woman? With their charming façade in the beginning, they may seem like the perfect partner, but beneath that surface lies manipulation, manipulation, and more manipulation.

From emotional abuse to gaslighting, gaslighting to belittlement.A narcissist knows all the tactics to keep their victim under their tight control. Discover the manipulative world of narcissistic behavior, and learn how to protect yourself from falling into their trap.

How Does A Narcissist Treat A Woman

Emotional Manipulation

Emotional manipulation is a tactic commonly employed by narcissists to control and manipulate their targets, and unfortunately, women are often on the receiving end of this behavior.

Gaslighting is one particular form of emotional manipulation that narcissists use to undermine a woman’s sense of reality. Gaslighting involves the narcissist denying or manipulating facts, events, or the perceptions of the woman, making her doubt her own sanity and leaving her feeling confused and disoriented.

Another form of emotional manipulation is blame-shifting, where the narcissist avoids taking responsibility for their actions by shifting the blame onto the woman. They may twist situations, distort facts, or create elaborate narratives to make the woman feel at fault for the problems in the relationship.

This tactic is meant to keep the woman in a constant state of self-doubt and guilt, thereby making her easier to control.Emotional blackmail is yet another tactic used by narcissists to manipulate women.

They exploit the woman’s emotions, making her feel guilty, fearful, or anxious in order to get what they want. They may threaten to end the relationship, harm themselves, or withhold love and affection as a means of control.

This kind of manipulation is emotionally draining and can have long-lasting detrimental effects on a woman’s mental health.

How Does A Narcissist Treat A Woman

Idealization and Devaluation

Narcissists typically manipulate their victims through a cycle of idealization and devaluation. Love-bombing is the initial stage of this cycle, where the narcissist showers the woman with excessive attention and affection.

They may overwhelm her with compliments, gifts, and extravagant gestures to create a sense of dependency and admiration. This tactic is designed to quickly establish a strong emotional connection and make the woman feel special and wanted.

Putting a woman on a pedestal is a common tactic in the idealization phase. The narcissist portrays the woman as flawless, perfect, and superior to others, creating an unrealistic image of her. This idealization often makes the woman feel valued and adored, but it is ultimately an insincere portrayal used to manipulate her.

However, this idealization is short-lived, as it is swiftly followed by sudden devaluation. The narcissist’s perception of the woman shifts dramatically, and they start to criticize, devalue, and demean her.

This devaluation can be triggered by the slightest perceived flaw or mistake made by the woman. The intention behind this behavior is to control and diminish the woman’s self-esteem, making her more reliant on the narcissist’s approval.

The final stage in the cycle is discarding and replacing the woman. Narcissists have an insatiable need for admiration and attention, and when the woman no longer serves their purpose, they discard her without remorse.

They may quickly move on to another target, leaving the woman feeling discarded, confused, and emotionally devastated.

Constant Need for Validation

Narcissists have an incessant need for validation and attention, and they often exploit women as sources of narcissistic supply. They seek constant admiration and attention to maintain their inflated sense of self-worth and feed their fragile ego.

They may constantly seek reassurance and praise, seeking validation from the woman’s words and actions.

Using women as sources of narcissistic supply involves manipulating their emotions and actions to generate the desired response. Narcissists use their charm, wit, and manipulation tactics to make the woman feel flattered, captivated, and dependent on their approval.

They thrive on the power and control they exert over the woman’s emotions, using her as a tool to boost their self-esteem.

This constant need for validation can be extremely exhausting for women. They may find themselves constantly catering to the narcissist’s demands, sacrificing their own needs and desires in the process.

The woman may feel like she is walking on eggshells, never knowing what action or word will trigger the narcissist’s need for validation and attention.

How Does A Narcissist Treat A Woman

Lack of Empathy

One of the most prominent traits of a narcissist is their lack of empathy. They are unable to understand or care about a woman’s emotions, shutting down any attempt to express her feelings or seek support.

Narcissists are solely focused on their own needs, wants, and desires, and they view others as mere tools to fulfill their needs.

When a woman tries to express her emotions to a narcissist, they often dismiss or belittle her feelings. They may invalidate her emotions, making her feel like her experiences and struggles are insignificant.

This lack of empathy can leave the woman feeling isolated, unheard, and emotionally neglected within the relationship.

Controlling Behavior

Controlling behavior is another hallmark of narcissistic relationships. Narcissists assert control over women through various manipulative tactics. They isolate the woman from her friends and family, cutting off her support system and leaving her dependent on the narcissist for emotional and social needs.

By controlling her social interactions, the narcissist can exert power and maintain dominance over the woman.

Another form of control is monitoring and invading privacy. Narcissists often go to great lengths to monitor a woman’s activities, invading her personal space, and violating her privacy. They may snoop through her phone, emails, or social media accounts, violating her boundaries and asserting dominance.

This invasion of privacy allows the narcissist to maintain a heightened level of control and surveillance over the woman.

Controlling financial resources is yet another manipulative tactic narcissists employ. They may control access to money, dictate how it is spent, or even withhold financial resources from the woman.

This control over finances can lead to the woman’s dependency on the narcissist, making it harder for her to leave the relationship and maintain financial independence.

How Does A Narcissist Treat A Woman

Manipulative Communication

Narcissists use manipulative communication tactics to control and dominate women. They constantly interrupt and talk over the woman, disregarding her thoughts and opinions. By monopolizing conversations and dismissing the woman’s voice, the narcissist maintains control over the narrative and prevents any challenges to their ego.

Twisting words and distorting reality is another common tactic. Narcissists often engage in gaslighting, distorting the woman’s perception of reality. They may manipulate facts, deny past events, or even make up false narratives to manipulate the woman’s understanding of the truth. \

This distortion of reality leaves the woman questioning her own memory and sanity, further solidifying the narcissist’s control.

Guilt and shame are powerful weapons used by narcissists to gain control. They use these emotions to manipulate the woman into complying with their wishes and demands. By making her feel responsible for the narcissist’s emotional state or actions, they create a sense of obligation and control over her.

The woman may feel trapped and coerced into complying with the narcissist’s desires, even against her own best interests.

Lack of Boundaries

Narcissists have a blatant disregard for a woman’s personal boundaries. They constantly push the limits of what is considered acceptable, invading her personal space and violating her boundaries.

Whether it’s invading her privacy, using her belongings without permission, or encroaching on her physical personal space, narcissists show a complete disregard for the woman’s autonomy and personal boundaries.

By disregarding a woman’s personal boundaries, including her emotional, physical, and social boundaries, narcissists assert their dominance and control. The woman may feel constantly invaded and disrespected, leading to a diminished sense of self and increased dependency on the narcissist.

Exploitation and Objectification

Narcissists often exploit women for their personal gain. They use the woman as a means to fulfill their own needs, desires, or ambitions without regard for her well-being. Whether it’s using her for financial gain, exploiting her connections, or even exploiting her emotional vulnerabilities, narcissists view women as objects to be used and discarded.

Treating a woman as an object or possession is a dehumanizing tactic employed by narcissists. They view the woman as an extension of themselves, an object to be controlled and manipulated to fulfill their needs.

This objectification strips the woman of her autonomy and agency, reducing her to a mere tool for the narcissist’s pleasure and satisfaction.

How Does A Narcissist Treat A Woman

Emotional and Verbal Abuse

Emotional and verbal abuse are prevalent in narcissistic relationships, and women often bear the brunt of this abuse. Narcissists engage in name-calling, insults, and derogatory remarks to demean and belittle the woman.

They may publicly humiliate and degrade her, seeking to crush her self-esteem and maintain power and control.

Threats and intimidation are also commonly employed by narcissists to control and manipulate women. Whether it’s issuing verbal threats, making gestures of physical aggression, or instilling fear through manipulation tactics, the narcissist aims to exert dominance and instill a sense of fear and control in the woman.

Manipulative Love and Affection

Narcissists use love and affection as powerful tools for control. In the idealization phase, they shower the woman with excessive love and affection, making her feel desired and valued. This emotional investment can make the woman feel deeply connected to the narcissist and reliant on their love.

However, the narcissist can also withhold love and affection as a form of punishment. If the woman does not conform to the narcissist’s demands or challenges their power, they may withdraw their love and affection, leaving the woman feeling rejected and desperate for their approval.

This manipulation tactic reinforces the power dynamic and keeps the woman in a constant state of seeking validation and acceptance.


Narcissists treat women in manipulative and abusive ways to maintain control and feed their inflated ego. From gaslighting and blame-shifting to emotional and verbal abuse, these tactics are used to undermine a woman’s sense of self-worth and maintain dominance.

It is vital for women to recognize these patterns and seek support to break free from the cycle of manipulation and abuse. Remember, you deserve to be treated with respect, kindness, and empathy.

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