Can A Narcissist Be Faithful

The majority of us have interacted with narcissists at some point in our lives, whether it was a family member, friend, coworker, boss, or even someone we were dating. But can a narcissist be faithful and remain devoted over time?

Living with a person who has narcissistic personality disorder makes dealing with this sort of personality more challenging.

Can A Narcissist Be Faithful

How to recognise narcissistic abuse

Narcissistic personality disorder is described by the Mayo Clinic as “a psychiatric condition where people have an exaggerated feeling of their significance and a great desire for admiration.”

People with narcissistic personality disorder exhibit little regard for other people’s feelings and a sense of superiority.However, this extreme confidence veneer conceals a weak sense of self that is easily damaged.

Our current culture seems to exacerbate narcissistic traits. The prevalence of narcissistic personality disorder is expected to rise, according to psychoanalysts.

This is probably partly because to the impact of social media. Furthermore, it’s likely that the self-esteem movement has started to have a negative effect on society as a whole.

Then how can narcissism impact our love lives? Is a long-term relationship with someone who has narcissistic personality disorder possible? A narcissist can be faithful to their relationship, but can they?

Narcissists are bad romantic partners, according to Ohio State University professor Brad Bushman.According to studies, narcissistic people are more inclined to “play games” and engage in manipulative behaviour with their spouses.

Narcissists may not be as dedicated to a long-term relationship, according to research.So let’s explore that crucial question. How certain can you be that a narcissist won’t wind up cheating on you if you’re in a relationship with them?

Can A Narcissist Be Faithful

Can A Narcissist Be Faithful – Infidelity And Narcissism

Numerous psychologists have come to the conclusion that people with narcissistic personality disorder are more likely to be unfaithful in a relationship than other people.

However, when you think about the traits of a narcissist’s personality, it should come as no surprise. There are several reasons why this sort of personality may result in cheating.

People with narcissistic personality disorder typically prioritise their own needs and wants over those of others, and their sense of superiority causes them to neglect the feelings and views of others, especially their romantic partners.

Additionally, narcissists frequently have a positive view of every part of their person, including their intelligence, sexual prowess, and physical attractiveness. They believe they outperform most people in each of these categories.

In addition, a narcissistic person is unlikely to understand or care about the sentiments of others, which will often lead to conflict in their relationships.When individuals feel underappreciated, unappreciated, or ignored by their partners, they are more inclined to turn to other people for support.

They are willing to be disloyal even to the people they love because of their extreme need for these three things.Typically, a person with narcissistic personality disorder is less able to experience sentiments of shame and guilt.

This is because they believe themselves to be always right and are capable of persuading themselves that they have a right to cheat on their relationships. Some people even accuse their partners of being the cause of their own infidelity.

Studies show that those who suffer from narcissistic personality disorder often see infidelity with more tolerance.They also have a propensity to be more relaxed about having sex without developing a deep emotional bond.

The main selfish motivations for this increased desire for casual sex are power over others, the approval of others, and sexual gratification.Additionally, narcissists are more likely to act impulsively or selfishly without thinking about the repercussions of their actions.

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Can A Narcissist Be Faithful – How to Spot the Signs of Infidelity

If you are in a relationship with someone who you believe to have narcissistic personality disorder, you could have a sneaking suspicion can a narcissist be faithful.

If so, there are a few indicators you should watch out for.

If your partner frequently expresses how devoted and loyal they are to you and how they would never consider betraying you, this may be cause for alarm. Of course, this assumes that people communicate freely about these subjects.

If your love partner temporarily “disappears,” so to speak, and cannot be found by phone or text for a day or so, that is another clear sign of infidelity.It’s safe to assume that they are communicating with someone else throughout this time.

This is especially true if they exhibit the narcissist attribute of needing continual adoration, validation, and attention.If it’s not you giving this person attention, it could very well be someone else.

The admission that your partner has cheated in the past is the final and possibly most damaging piece of proof.Narcissists frequently repeat destructive patterns of conduct despite their assurances that they wouldn’t act in the same way again.

A person with narcissistic personality disorder finds it extremely challenging to change without the assistance of a therapist or counsellor.


Stay Positive

We must stress that not all narcissists are hopeless cases in order to illustrate our point. According to research, counselling can enable people with narcissistic personality disorders to demonstrate commitment in their romantic relationships.

In this study, participants took exams that were created to promote the concepts of loyalty and commitment. Surprisingly, after participating in these tasks, the narcissists in this study had a higher level of commitment.


People with narcissistic personality disorder can learn how to develop sentiments of fidelity, commitment, and empathy for their partners with the correct guidance and assistance.

A solid and devoted relationship can develop if this support is put in place and the narcissist is made aware of their behaviour and how it should be corrected.

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